The act of studying history should always aim to better influence the future, as any past mistakes can be examined and learned from. Good knowledge of causal events provides present day analysis of our actions. It is something however that lawmakers and economists often do not hold enough in high regard. There are myriad factors that lead to the rise of fascism and communism for example in the 20th Century. The gravitation of societies toward either extreme essentially came from the same place of instability and fear and it is often the contemporary governmental policies which were the instigators.

Richard Kelo is a commentator and blogger who in his writings has aimed to spread a greater sense of awareness regarding how examples of the past should be used to inform decision making today. He largely espouses a libertarian view, believing that increased economic freedoms will culminate in economic growth for the United States. In Richard Arthur Kelo – Lessons from History, Morals for Today his recognition of inflexibility is highlighted. That is, the inflexibility of businesses and individuals due to the tightening of lRichard Arthur Keloegislation that surrounds our economic freedoms. Kelo believes that lowering corporation tax will increase civilian liberty and thus avoid avenues which have in the past lead to extremism.

 In extremist regimes there is a much higher level of government influence over free will. Instead, governments should seek to decrease their role in the everyday lives of society. Kelo has a unique insight into these issues, with an academic background in finance and having worked for years as a recruiter specialising in tax professionals. His exposure to many tax professionals and his involvement within corporations across industries, discussing their tax needs and restrictions, has lead to a more personal endeavour to educate others on an area in which he considers himself as having certain expertise in.

Kelo has consistently maintained that a decrease in government involvement, and therefore a decrease in specifically corporate taxation, will allow for a greater sense of trust among people. This classic philosophic outlook of libertarianism identifies personal freedom at the pinnacle of a better society. This means the championing of free trade and individual choice. Look up Richard Arthur Kelo on Pinterest to learn more.

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