Richard Arthur Kelo is a tax specialist recruiter at TaxScout Inc, who has worked to connect tax professionals and large corporations successfully for over five years. Prior to that, he earned a Bachelor of Science at United States Military Academy at West Point, before going on to an MBA in Finance from University of Illinois at Chicago. Through his work advising tax professionals and tax executives daily on how best to find the right position and right company he provides far more than a match service between candidate and role. As an expert in the industry he offers a unique insight into taxation regulations and the effects of current tax policies on employment and income. Kelo has therefore imparted his advice regarding taxes in the United States throughout various platforms on the internet, in the hope of exposing the public to a better understanding of the more complex aspects of the economy.

Rick Kelo

Rick Kelo’s Quote Blog gives the reader a quick idea of his myriad influences, and he cites Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin among his inspirations. Kelo is a classic liberal economist, who sees current taxation regulations as a key cause of the United States’ current economic downsides. He believes that civil liberties and economic freedom are paramount in allowing for economic growth. Lower corporation and lower income tax give citizens greater power to stabilize and grow the economy. One of his key sources is a study by NYU Stern Professor Alexander Ljungqvist – who significantly found that lower rates of corporate tax during a recession lead to sizeable increases in both employment and income.

In the hotly contested debate about the relation between American corporate tax and income, this is a crucial fact during the current economic uncertainties of the United States. If implemented, this could be a highly beneficial tool for the government to stimulate economic growth across the country.

Look up Rick Kelo on Issuu in order to read more academic papers which cover a range of studies such as Professor Alexander Ljungqvist and find out more about classical economic liberalism. Kelo himself regularly submits blog posts and contributes to online discussions across platforms in order to further stimulate conversation and educate others about the effects of taxation.

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