The greatest success the internet has been able to implement on our societies is the liberation of academic knowledge, information and education. Never before have humans had such access to what is seemingly an infinite¬† amount of information. Using the internet in the right way, we can find answers of suggestions about how to find answers to nearly every question we can think of. Not only has it liberated those wanting to learn new things. It has also given the chance to academics, thinkers and educated people to help support the internet community by contributing their wisdom and experience. Bringing more intelligent people’s ideas together has made the internet into a representation of the modern human mind.

rick keloOne example of a man who has used the internet for this very purpose is tax recruiter and economic thinker Rick Kelo. On Quora, an academic questions forum, Rick Kelo has been able to use his knowledge of historical and contemporary economics to help serve the community on their and untangle some of the economic complexities many have trouble comprehending. Quora is a wonderful example of how the internet has liberated information and the human mind online. On the website, people ask questions that require more complex answers. These can range from history, philosophy and economics, to journalism, literature and film.

Within the huge community formed on Quora of educated intellectuals like Rick Kelo, the hope is that there will be people qualified academically to answer these questions for the community, but in a way that makes it understandable. The Quora forum pulls some of the best minds in the world together, and helps create an education platform like no other.

For people like Rick Kelo – A Leader on Level, these websites offer the perfect chance for thinkers like him, with full time jobs, to contribute to a community and give something back to the people. By being able to help people understand what is a increasingly complex topic area such as economics, Rick Kelo hopes he and others like him can help educate the people into being able to make informed and better decisions in all aspects of life and politics. In the age of the internet, with so much information around, we can be thankful to these people for supplying strong coherent answers to our most burning questions.

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