rick keloWe live in the age of the internet. One day in the distant future, this time will be looked back upon by scholars the age determined by the advent of the internet. In the context of history, the internet is still relatively new to our lives, and we are still exploring the possibilities it holds to change the way we interact with the world around us. Even in this short space of time we have already began to see the effect it has had in acting as a tool to incite revolutions and warn of infringements of civil liberties. In the eyes of many, it is the most democratizing force ever to have swept the Western world, giving a voice to the people and liberating our opinions from the shackles of oppressive regimes.

Richard Arthur Kelo has built a reputable online presence with his insightful economic articles, and is a testament to the power the internet has to liberate our voices. He is a prolific writer, thinker and liberal economist whose websites and articles discuss, analyze and consider contemporary politics, economics and society. The internet s the greatest tool we have been given to allow others to offer their opinion, not just journalists, academics and scholars, but anyone with insight. Now, with the power of the internet, anyone educated enough can have their say and contribute to the discussion and criticism of modern society and politics. Click here to find out more About Rick Kelo. Richard Arthur Kelo, being a highly educated individual has been able to use his digital platform to help circulate his well articulated thoughts on the running of the American and global economy. The role of people like Rick Kelo is to help proliferate the important ideas of classical liberal economics, which they recognize as contributing to the course of human progress. In many ways, what Rick Kelo and others like his are doing can be seen as some kind of social service- exercising vigilance against governments infringing on our civil liberties. By acting as a voice and a critic of many aspects of the modern establishment, Rick Kelo hopes that he can fuel people’s imaginations to the possibility a future economic model based on the Austrian and Monetarist traditions can hold for a country’s citizens. Rick Kelo’s blogs and articles are an excellent example of how we as citizens, have the right and duty to use this platform to contribute to the greatest debates of our time, and have their say in shaping the future of our nations. Check out his pages and website here Rick Kelo on MSNBC.

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