Rick KeloThe internet has provided the people with more opportunity than ever to gain access to information about nearly anything we can imagine. Websites serving the purpose of just about any information sharing/seeking services you could imagine circulate the web, and in some ways give us almost too much choice as where to source our answers from. Since the conception of the internet, Yahoo answers has proven to be a wildly popular forum for people seeking quick and concise answers to just about any question imaginable. It has produced a body of content from the wildly funny to the profoundly serious, and has allowed anyone to engage with it by answering questions and helping those who need it. Based on a similar notion to Yahoo answers, the academic questions forum Quora.com was established not so long ago. Quora, like Yahoo Answers is a question and answer forum. However the questions of Quora are expected to be, or hoped t be answer by academics, intellectuals and thinkers with qualifications in the areas being discussed.

Rick Kelo is one such contributor who has proudly used his knowledge of economics and finance to answer some of the most challenging recent questions posted on the questions and answers engine. Richard Arthur Kelo was educated at WestPoint Military Academy, and later received his MBA from Chicago University in Economics and Finance. He currently works as an executive tax recruiter at the firm TaxScout. But in his spare time, rick is an avid contributor to the world of economic thought. He runs an insightful block discussing the history of economic ideas and their relevance to economics, politics and society today. Rick Kelo belongs to the Austrian and Monetarist schools of thought, with his personal economic heroes being Benjamin Franklin, Ludwig von Mises and John Locke. He is a classic liberal economist- with the ideologies themes running through the heart of his articles.

Rick Kelo’s contributions to Quora then are hugely invaluable, and demonstrate his knowledge of various economic structures. He has responded to questions on the distinction between the ends of the political spectrum, debates about the minimum wage and various other global economics conundrums. You can find out more about Rick Kelo and his ideas here Rick Kelo – Chicago, IL, Houston, Atlanta, Tax Recruiter.

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