Rick KeloOne of the greatest political debates of our time is over what extent the government should play in determining our economic and social freedoms. Since civil society began it has been at the forefront of intellectual debate, and continues today to be one of the most pressing issues . People’s political opinions today can roughly be divided into two camps, depending on the amount of governmental control they believe is necessary for a functioning society. There is probably no greater embodiment of a governmental policy that captures this idea than taxation. Debating the level of taxation has been a prevalent issue among academics, politicians, students and citizens for thousands of years- yet we have still not come too much closer to resolving a universal opinion.  As tax systems evolve and become more complex, businesses and individuals are increasingly reliant on experts to help guide them through the labyrinth created by modern governments.

Rick Kelo is a prolific online presence and has been one such thinker who has tackled the issue on his insightful article posts on his website. An Economics bachelor from the prestigious West Point Academy, along with an MBA from the University of Chicago, cultivated his economic philosophy stance from the same schools of thought that inspired one of his heroes Benjamin Franklin. Rick Kelo’s online presence is ever growing, finding himself a regular contributor to the academic questions forums Quora.com, as well as writing compelling articles discussing economic, political and social theory. He is a classical liberal thinker, and has always been wary over the extension of a governments’ power over its people.

It is probably no surprise to hear then that following this line of thought, Rick Kelo has worked in the tax industry for the past five years. He is the executive recruiter at Tax Scout, Inc, which helps people to better understand their tax situations whilst bringing the brightest minds to the industry through recruitment services. Many discussions on his blogs and articles he has written cover his opposition to the large taxes citizens find being imposed on themselves. Rick Kelo hopes that more educated people like himself can continue to use the internet as a platform to proliferate online debate on pertinent issues such as taxation, and help inform, advise and educate the wider public on these complex matter. Find out more about Rick Kelo – Newsvine.

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