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One of the eternal discussions which divides the right and left wings of politics is as to how big a government should be and what control it should have over its people. Since the idea of democracy was conceived over 2000 years ago, it has remained at the heart of civilizations’ debates. How large a government should be, and which power it should exercise on the liberties of its people continues to be the most hotly debated issue that in some way defines all policy. Taxation is in many ways the perfect example of how this debate takes its form in the everyday lives of people and businesses. Despite having been a question debated for thousands of years, there has still been no definitive conclusion as to what should be taxed, how much and what for.

Tax systems are constantly evolving, and in the process are becoming more complex. Few people who work  outside of the industry can claim to have a complete oversight as to exactly how the tax system works, and it can be one of the most demoralizing issues for citizens to face.

The classical and liberal economic thinker Rick Kelo is a good example of a man who looks to fight the injustices over over imposing governmental control in Western governments. Click here to find out Rick Kelo.

 An Economics bachelor from the prestigious West Point Academy, coupled with an MBA from the University of Chicago, Mr. Kelo has gained the skills to be able to use his website to express his opinions. He uses the ideas of his philosophical heroes Ludwig von Mises, John Locke and Benjamin Franklin and shows how their ideas remain as relevant today as they ever had.

Rick Kelo has built up a reputable online presence, finding himself a regular contributor to the academic questions forums Quora.com, as well as running an insightful personal website discussing economic, political and social theory. Mr. Kelo is in many ways the modern liberal, and is suspicious  and skeptical over the extension of a governments’ power.

It is probably no surprise to hear then, based on his economic and political beliefs, that Rick Kelo works in the tax industry. He runs the successful tax advisory services Tax Scout, Inc. which helps people to better understand their tax situations whilst giving financial advice to businesses and individuals. The arguments that governments over tax the population and corporations is a running theme through Rick Kelo’s insightful articles. Using the internet to proliferate these ideas, Rick Kelo hopes he can share some his education, experience and knowledge to better inform the public abut the injustices the current government taxation system has on the hard working citizens of America. Click here to find out more on Rick Kelo – Chicago, IL, Houston, Atlanta, Tax Recruiter.

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