Expansion is a necessary element of contemporary capitalism and the expansion of a business or group can only ever be viewed as a positive thing by reference to this theory. Rick Kelo is a firm advocate of capitalism and the possibilities that it has brought to mankind and he is committed to explaining via his website how these concepts work. For a business, expansion is survival. We live in a globalized world and the larger the market that a business is able to tap into (national to international) the better its outreach and the larger its profits. Expansion creates jobs and cash flow, increasing the financial prosperity of every individual involved.

This is why expansion is so necessary in developing economies, as Rick Kelo explains with reference to Botswana and Zimbabwe. These are extremely interesting case studies for Rick Kelo as Botswana thoroughly embraced the possibilities offered by a capitalist economy and joyfully joined the free market. Now Botswana is an economic powerhouse, with one of the highest growth rates in the whole world! Nearby Zimbabwe, however, absorbed a socialist attitude towards the economy and business and is now suffering for that decision. This ideology led the economy of the country astray and in contrast to Botswana, Zimbabwe is languishing economically and socially.

So expansion is necessary for both the survival of the business and the economic growth of the country in which this business is located and this is the message that Rick Kelo is attempting to get across. All around the world countries are benefitting from the promises and results of the present day globalized form of economic and social capitalism, and Rick Kelo argues that only somebody who is wilfully ignorant could think otherwise. Capitalism is working for everybody who is willing to work.

And now, Rick Kelo is expanding his own business too, with his life echoing his positive ideology. A recent article with the headline ‘Tax Recruiting Firm TaxScout Opens New Office in Atlanta’ describes how Rick Kelo and his company are also expanding into new terrain, with Rick Kelo establishing a branch in Atlanta, Georgia. This can only be interpreted as a positive move for Rick Kelo and his business as by moving to Atlanta a whole new range of markets and economic possibilities will be opened up.

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