rick keloRick Kelo believes that it is the nature and the duty of a business to expand and maximize its client base. Businesses get bigger and that is simply how the world works. In the landscape of contemporary capitalism, expansion is survival: a business must be big enough to tap into international and even global markets, extending the power of its reach across countries and continents. Business expansion is good for everybody: it increases cash flow into the area and creates jobs that improve the standard of living throughout the country.

A case with which Rick Kelo remains consistently obsessed is that of the African country Botswana which has embraced unbridled capitalism and expansion and is now flourishing economically, outperforming other countries in the area. It’s neighboring Zimbabwe, which took on a socialist ethos, is struggling as a consequence of its ill-judged ideology. But Botswana, believing that the expansion of business and incentives for them to expand can only have a positive effect on the surrounding economy, is now reaping the social and economic rewards of that conventional wisdom.

Companies must expand to survive and CEOs are thinking bigger and bigger in the effort to stay competitive. All around the world, Rick Kelo observes, countries and societies are continuing to benefit from the positive effects of globalized capitalism. As a species, humanity is on the up. And this is because we have embraced the wisdom that has been proven to work in all situations: that of a capitalist ethos and free-market economy where people are rewarded for their talents and abilities, where labour means something and where profit is not a dirty word.

Rick Kelo has been replicating this wisdom in his own professional life and a recent article called ‘Tax Recruiting Firm TaxScout Opens New Office in Atlanta’ describes the new expansion of Rick Kelo and his company into new terrain. For Rick Kelo, expansion is survival and he lives the message that he preaches. Expansion is continuing proof of corporate success and this is another step in the astounding successful of Rick Kelo and his firm. The move to Atlanta symbolizes the possibility of new markets, as Rick Kelo has identified a lack in the local economy that he aims to fill. In this day and age, companies can be mobile and can move, establishing new strongholds across the globe.

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