rick keloWith the rise of globalization in recent decades, positive relationships between countries have become more important than ever. One way in which countries foster this relationship is through trade. When one country does not have the means or resources to satisfy their own needs and wants, they reach out to the domestic resources of other countries for help. Without trade, countries would have to provide all of their resources, which in many cases, is simply impossible. Trade is a critical part of prosperity – it fuels economic growth, supports jobs at home, and raises the standard of living by providing families with affordable goods and services.

As the head of TaxScout, Inc., tax recruiter Rick Kelo fully understands the importance of global relations, including trade. When he is not busy helping clients build world-class tax department, Mr. Kelo spends a lot of his time discussing important topics on his site Ceteris Paribus: Economics from the Austrian & Monetarist traditions. Recently, Mr. Kelo addressed the benefits of trade and the ideological reasons behind why people love trade. Hypothetically, he explained how, if America chooses not to trade, then its economic production remains static. However, when American starts trading with foreign countries, it discovers that certain goods are cheaper overseas, and it starts producing less of that good, and more of other specialized goods. In the end, the relationship between importing and exporting good between other countries allows every country involved to consume more of all goods, proving that trade is a practical benefit, not just an ideological preference.

Many of Mr. Kelo’s articles focus on the philosophies of Ludwig von Mises, the founder and leader of the renowned Austrian School of economic thought. It is critical thinking such as this that exemplifies why Mr. Kelo has become such a successful tax recruiter. One important thing to note about Mr. Kelo is that he truly believes in von Mises’ idea that individual freedom and economic development are inherently linked to one another, and any government, company, or individual hoping to stimulate its economic production must regard individualism and person freedom at the center of its agenda.

Rick Kelo takes his roles as a tax recruiter and an economic commentator very seriously. He has utilized today’s communicative technologies to share his thoughts with the world in an attempt to promote constructive, analytical debates that are central to understanding today’s global economy.

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