The current economic and political climate is one of heated debate and unpredictable events. Since the war on terror and the oil crisis in the east there seems to have been a heave in many aspects of life, a major one being the economy. Thanks to the turmoil and deep political change that the United States has experienced under different presidencies the economy has risen and fallen at alarming rates. The 2008 crash was a catalyst for change and the economy has only just begun to get back onto its feet, but now that it is getting there, how best to manage it and to insure against future disasters? Many say that greater regulation is in order to prevent such things and other say that capitalism is innately destructive. Whether you think those opinions are right or wrong the time is ripe for commentary and the stage has been handed over to individual thinkers for writings about the times we live in.

Rick Kelo is one such writer who has taken a passion for the economy in his blogging. Rick Kelo runs several blogs that are proliferated across his social media accounts and he has attracted many readers over a long period of critical thought. His writings stem from the classical liberal tradition and are influenced by the Austrian school of economic thought. Rick Kelo is an informed blogger that has spent many years in education at institutions such as West Point and the University of Illinois in Chicago where he excelled in economic fields of investigation. This knowledge and his professional position of recruiter at major financial establishments puts him in a prime position to assess the economic status of our era.

Rick Kelo has a writing style that is characterized by critical thought and deep questioning. Often he turns his pen to the laws of the time that seem to have continued unregulated for many years yet are having effects on the economy to this day, such as Social Security. In this particular investigation Rick Kelo looked at the upwards of 12% that is taken from wages and examined how it serves, or fails to serve, Americans today. Asking questions such as this is vital for the preservation of free speech and people power, and it can only be a positive sign for democracy that people like Rick Kelo are willing to question the authorities that continue to portion our personal and economic lives.

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