The Chicago Cubs was established in the year 1870 by William Hulbert. Since its birth, the club has been in the top form. They have created many records as a club. Even individual players have such records that no one could break till now. They have been one of the founder clubs of the National League. They have won 17 National League Pennants, 5 Central and 3 east division titles respectively. They have been the world champion three times- 1907, 1908, and 2016.


The cubs have gone through several evolutions starting from ownership, managers, and even their name has been changed 3 times. But their performance and ranking have been consistent throughout. They have bagged the position of 16th most valuable sports team in the world and 12th in the United States.


Last seasons


  • National League 2018 – 2nd position
  • National League 2019 – 3rd position


In the decade of 2010s, the cubs have won a total of 817 matches with a winning percentage of .504.


The Cub’s Post-COVID 19 Strategy


The cubs have had consistent and overwhelming performance till the last season but COVID 19 the world pandemic had changed the entire scenario. Not only the game but the entire franchise is in big trouble.


It has been projected that the cubs will lose 199 million US dollars with prorated player’s salaries before taking into consideration the interest taxes and other factors. A plan of revenue sharing with the players in the upcoming years has put been forward to the players by the owner but the players have balked the proposal.


The most crucial problem that has shaken the management is two official of the club has been tested COVID positive. This has played a devastating impact on club management and the players. Due to lockdown declared by the government, the spring season has been postponed and there is no clear picture of when it can restart. As notified by the state authority matches can be conducted but there shall not be any physical viewer.


Meanwhile, Major League is busy preparing a large number of contingency plans in coordination with the related clubs regarding the schedule of 2020 and it will declare them soon.


Not only the cubs but other clubs are also facing huge losses. Hope we stand together and pray for a better tomorrow. May we soon see our baseball clubs in their regular activities and the Chicago Cubs roar again.

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