There is an obvious correlation between age and leadership positions and skills. This is a no brainer and reflects the importance that experience plays in understanding the world around us. However, correlation does not necessarily imply causation, and age alone is not a deciding factor when it comes to identifying great leadership. Leadership is about talking the talk, and walking the walk. Many older individuals have the skills and practical knowledge necessary to change our society for the better, but they could take a leaf out of the millennial book when it comes to getting their word out there. Millennials are experts when it comes to being heard. Unfortunately, they have not had the decades of experience that generations before them have used to learn the realities of life. But there is no denying that when it comes to disseminating information and expressing their opinions, millennials are miles ahead of their parents and grandparents, despite being so much younger.

For financial expert, Rick Kelo, using online presence as a social service is part of what has made him such an importRichard Arthur Keloant figure in the economic sphere. Not only does he write and publish articles on his personal blogs, he uses social media outlets as a source of connecting with a wider audience of individuals. There is a reason that important figures such as the FBI, White House, UN, and World Bank have Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles. Social media is an important tool for communicating with society and a wider audience across the globe. Print media is fine, but in the time it takes to get to and cover, edit, and print something into a newspaper or magazine, the topic is old news. Of course, the issue is recursive in the sense that the rise in technology has progressed news to the point where the use of modern technology is the only means of spreading information quickly enough. And print media will always exist as a source of literature and ongoing journalism.

However, in our political and global landscape, which is more fast-paced than ever before, those leaders who have embraced technologies such as social media and mobile apps have a decided advantage over their competition that has not. The reputation of Rick Kelo, the outspoken blogger questioning the modern age, existed before he took to web. However, there is no denying that blogging as a tool for reaching his audience has helped to build his reputation further.

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