A big problem with studying economic policy and how governmental regulations have affected growth is that there is so much unknown. Firstly, the average person is not well enough educated regarding the economy and current policies. Unfortunately adequate education regarding business affairs and current government involvement is not put in place both at school level and throughout college education. This makes up a woefully uninformed electorate, and ultimately this means an uninformed workforce as well. Almost half of the population does not have a true grasp on the meanings of core economic focuses.

Richard Arthur Kelo Richard Arthur Kelois an online commentator who has strived in his publishings to explain more complicated aspects of the economy. He has spend most of his career and education learning the effects of government influences, and sees recent economic downfalls in the United States as indicators of state controlled policies. He believes that these have been historically proven to be negative for production and economic growth. The wording in Rick Kelo – Understanding the Complexities of the Economy Video on Vimeo explains his stance fully.

Taxation is an area of particular interest to Kelo. He is a tax specialist recruiter with over five years of success with TaxScout, one of the most respected recruitment firms in the tax industry across the United States. TaxScout and Kelo have boasted well above average performances nationwide filling searches across tax professions for large corporations in many locations. His industry insight therefore lends well to Kelo’s economic leanings toward classic libertarianism. This is vital to trying to solve another key problem when it comes to studying the effects of economic policy, which is a lack of transparency. Kelo believes that the public deserve to be better educated on the myriad ways that tax affects their decision making and possibly holds them back in their careers.

Crucially, governmental policy has a direct effect on the developing of new businesses on American shores. If economic legislation does not aim to provide a strong base upon which to build a business, or make a profit, then companies will – and already have – look abroad for more favourable options. Rick Kelo on Tumblr, Vimeo, and on his personal blog, offers plenty of advice and resources for those looking to find out more.

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