The Chicago Cubs was established in the year 1870 by William Hulbert. Since its birth, the club has been in the top form. They have created many records as a club. Even individual players have such records that no one could break till now. They have been one of the founder clubs of the National League. They have won 17 National League Pennants, 5 Central and 3 east division titles respectively. They have been the world champion three times- 1907, 1908, and 2016.


The cubs have gone through several evolutions starting from ownership, managers, and even their name has been changed 3 times. But their performance and ranking have been consistent throughout. They have bagged the position of 16th most valuable sports team in the world and 12th in the United States.


Last seasons


  • National League 2018 – 2nd position
  • National League 2019 – 3rd position


In the decade of 2010s, the cubs have won a total of 817 matches with a winning percentage of .504.


The Cub’s Post-COVID 19 Strategy


The cubs have had consistent and overwhelming performance till the last season but COVID 19 the world pandemic had changed the entire scenario. Not only the game but the entire franchise is in big trouble.


It has been projected that the cubs will lose 199 million US dollars with prorated player’s salaries before taking into consideration the interest taxes and other factors. A plan of revenue sharing with the players in the upcoming years has put been forward to the players by the owner but the players have balked the proposal.


The most crucial problem that has shaken the management is two official of the club has been tested COVID positive. This has played a devastating impact on club management and the players. Due to lockdown declared by the government, the spring season has been postponed and there is no clear picture of when it can restart. As notified by the state authority matches can be conducted but there shall not be any physical viewer.


Meanwhile, Major League is busy preparing a large number of contingency plans in coordination with the related clubs regarding the schedule of 2020 and it will declare them soon.


Not only the cubs but other clubs are also facing huge losses. Hope we stand together and pray for a better tomorrow. May we soon see our baseball clubs in their regular activities and the Chicago Cubs roar again.

The Chicago Cubs is the King of Baseball Clubs. Formerly, known as Chicago White Stockings, started its journey in the year 1870 with their then owner and President William Hulbert. In 1876, it joined the National League (NL) as a charter member. Soon they emerged as a top team in the NL Central Division.


Apart from playing home matches, it even competed in Major League Baseball. Some of the notable players of the team were pitcher Albert Spalding, infielders Deacon White, Ross Barnes, and Adrian Cap Anson.


White Stockings earned back-to-back pennants in the year 1880 and 1881. They were awarded the pennant for the third consecutive year in 1882. Between 1876 and 1886 the Cubs won six pennants under Anson as a player and manager. Soon they got nicknamed as Anson’s Colts or Chicago Colts. To be noted Anson created history by collecting 3000 career hits as the first player.


Owners and managers changed but the club went on with their success.




William Hulbert was the owner of the Chicago Cubs. After Hulbert’s death, Spalding became the owner, and Anson became the player-manager. In 1914, after obtaining large shares of the club, Albert Lasker became the owner. Bill Wrigley after securing a huge stock of the Cubs became the majority owner in 1916. Presently, Thomas S Ricketts is the owner.


General Managers


At the early stage, the club did not have any official managers. Charles Webber was the first one to hold the post of general manager in the year 1934. Since then there are 13 mangers except the 2 interims.


  1. Charles Webber: 1934-1940
  2. James Gallagher: 1940-1949
  3. Wid Matthews: 1950-1956
  4. John Holland: 1957-1975
  5. Satty Sattwell: 1976
  6. Bob Kennedy: 1977-1981
  7. Dallas Green: 1981-1987
  8. Jim Frey: 1987-1991
  9. Larry Himes: 1991-1994
  10. Ed Lynch: 1994-2000
  11. Andy Mac Phail: 2000-2002
  12. Jim Hendry: 2002-2011
  13. Jed Hoyer: 2011-Till Date


League Affiliations


  • National League – 1876 to present
  • Central Division – 1994 to present
  • East Division – 1969 to 1993


Evolution of the Club’s Name


  • Chicago White Stockings:- 1976-1889
  • Chicago Colts:- 1890-1897
  • Chicago Orphans:- 1898-1902
  • Chicago Cubs:- 1903- present


Major League Titles


It has won major World Series titles in 1907, 1908, and 2016; apart from Central Division Titles, East Division Titles, National League Pennants, and more.


World Ranking


The Chicago Cubs are ranked as the 16th most valuable sports team in the world, 12th in the US, 3rd in the MLB, and the first in the city of Chicago as of 2018.







It stands opposite to the word violence. The word was first coined by French peace campaigner and lawyer Emile Arnaud. It was later adopted in 1902, at the tenth Universal Peace Congress held at the Glasgow city in the United Kingdom. In India, it is known as ‘Ahimsa’.

As per John the Apostle through the verse 14.27 it is mentioned “Peace I leave with you: my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”


Pacifism leads to Pacifist and they are formed due to various reasons:-

  • Believing that war is ineffective and wasteful.
  • Strong religious faith.
  • Believing in the safety of the human race irrespective of religious faith.

The list is huge but mentioning some of the eminent pacifists from across the world are:-

  • Albert Einstein
  • John Lennon
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Martin Luther King Junior
  • Hellen Keller
  • Leo Tolstoy
  • Tenzin Gyasto, the 14th Dalai Lama
  • Malala Yousafazi

Types of Pacifism

Absolute Pacifism:

This type of pacifist believes that it is not correct to take part in the war and not even in self-defense. They give high value to human life and believe that nothing can justify the killing. They stick to the principle that even an innocent person who is attacked and killed will not be rescued. Rescuing the attacked person is considered unethical. They are following strong moral principles and it makes them unaware of the results of war or violence. They argue that violence leads to worse results than non-violence.

Conditional Pacifism:

They are also against war and violence but they accept the fact that in certain circumstances war will be less destructive. They generally follow the Utilitarian principles where the consequences are considered worse than war.

Selective Pacifism:

This category of the pacifist is a bit different and they oppose war involving nuclear or chemical weapons and mass destruction. They consider that these types of weapons lead to devastating consequences. This type of war causes after-effects and for which the human race needs to pay a huge cost.

Active Pacifism:

Active pacifists are highly involved with political activity and promote peace and argue against particular wars. They actively take part in reducing the harm of war and renders supports to the country during this time. Most of the democratic countries are following this path of pacifism.