Rick Kelo is a West Point graduate who studied economics and finance at the under-grad and graduate levels before becoming a tax recruiter at TaxScout, Inc.  When Rick considers what makes an economy capitalist it is very straight-forward to him.

The rules of capitalism are simple, says Rick Kelo:

  1. Everything voluntary, nothing forced.
  2. Serve your fellow man the best way possible – the entrepreneur’s creed.
  3. Abundance mindset: Upon seeing a rich man the socialist says: “No man should have so much!” The capitalist says: “All men should have so much.”

Chicago tax recrutier Rick Kelo

When asked what’s the opposite Richard Kelo considers it the Socialist’s Creed of “I know what’s best for you, but I’m not content to merely convince you of my rightness; I’d rather force you to adopt my ways.”