The internet has provided the educated classes of society with ample opportunity to help disseminate knowledge and help create a more informed and educated public sphere. Of all the positives the internet has brought about in its time, none have been more positive than it becoming a fine educational platform. Now, people can seek information from experts and intellectuals who know about the subjects with relative ease. Rick Kelo  is one such economic thinker whose online prowess perfectly demonstrates this wonderful internet phenomenon.

Rick Kelo on Quora, the academic question and answers forum is aRick Kelo great example of this. Quora is in many ways the Yahoo answers for people who want more reliable, deep and informative information on pressing questions. It covers fields from film, literature, politics, culture, economics, sociology and history, and helps answers users’ questions about these. The users are provided with title ‘flair’ listing their academic qualifications. When they are able to answer the questions of the user, this is shown, so the people asking can ensure their answers are coming from experts.

Having been schooled in Economics and Finance with an MBA from Chicago University, Rick Kelo, has used his knowledge to help answer people’s economic queries. Economics is the type of subject that many are interested in, but few have time to grasp on a micro level and understand it in depth. Be it questions about inflation, taxation, unemployment statistics of government economic policies, intellectuals like Rick Kelo are on hand to help fill in the blanks and give users a great run down of these topics and their contemporary relevance.

For Rick Kelo – A Leader on Level, it is a great opportunity not only to ignite people’s interest in economics, but contribute to educating a more informed electorate that can make the right decisions and understand the politicians jargon during debates. For idealists like Rick Kelo, the key to making a better country is utilizing the power of democracy and getting people to vote for the best candidates for the country. To do so, people need to be educated on the nuances of things like economic policy, so taking to platforms like Quora is the perfect way to begin this process. IN doing so, Rick Kelo hopes that the people can continue to fight for their liberal democracy, and beckon in a strong economic future.

When growing up, society puts pressures on young girls and boys to join extracurricular activities, volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter, get good grades; simply do anything they can to stand out in the crowd so that top universities will accept them. In junior year of high school everyone who wants to go to university is found cramming for their SAT or ACT tests, writing essays as to what they want to do in university and why they chose that specific school, asking teachers or retail managers for references, applying to scholarships and grants, striving to gain acceptance into another school while balancing a heavy junior year work load and contending to achieve a high GPA. But this doesn’t go for everyone? What about those who don’t want to go to college?

Not everyone who goes to college succeeds in life. Some sadly drop out, unable to balance the heavy workload with the new atmosphere. Some graduate, yet are unable to achieve their dream job, or any job for that matter. Those who don’t go to college don’t necessarily fail. Some may go on to become wealthy entrepreneurs, or are accepted into a trade school and earn the job they have always desired. Yet, the wide majority of people do agree that education is extremely important in obtaining a higher standard of living. For instance Rick Kelo, a tax recruiter at Taxscout, Inc, believes that education is a priority.

Rick Kelo has many years experience in the tax industry, includRichard Arthur Keloing a blog he frequently writes on with subjects pertaining to tax and political issues. At Taxscout, Inc. he advices clients on all aspects of retention policies as well as the fair market compensation. He has been recruiting and marketing for the firm since June 2011 and has also created Taxscout, Inc.’s candidate database to comply with OFCCP requirements. Rick Kelo’s number one goal during his recruiting experience is to match employers and employees in the perfect relationship so that everyone is happy for a fair amount of time. He takes into account his client’s experience and education before he matches them to different companies.

Richard Arthur Kelo is a highly experienced tax recruiter who strives to help others find jobs and decrease the percentage of those unemployed in the United States. His articles discuss the tax issues within the United States with a different perspective. The idea being that those who pursue an education and strive to conquer their goals will receive a better turn out in their career.  Rick Kelo, exposing our fault lines of our economies, offers his assistance to the community.

In the wake of the 2008 economic recession, the American economic and political climate has become intimidating than ever, while the world of finance continues to elude the average American citizen. Rick Kelo has been helping people understand the complexities of the economy through videos on Vimeo, as well as through his multitude of insightful and intellectually stimulating blogs that strive to expose many of the misunderstandings about the economy that the government has purposely imposed in order to discourage an economically proactive constituency. Knowledge is the greatest way to combat the shortcomings of our economic system, which is why Kelo has spent years encouraging free discussion and debate through his online platforms.

In this way, Kelo has positioned himself as a gatekeeper of information and a protector of free thought and, subsequently, free will. Online platforms such as blogs are a great way for intellectuals like Kelo to broadcast their beliefs because, since they are not tied to any srick keloort of large media conglomerate, they are able to provide readers with an unfiltered, honest point of view. Kelo is a strong believer that the government often uses its policies to overstep its power, which is why he often encourages his readers to question these policies, rather than simply accepting them. For example, high taxes, minimum wage, and Social Security are just a few of the things Richard Arthur Kelo thinks the government has imposed that have negatively impacted our economic system.

As a follower of the philosophies laid out by the Austrian School of Economics, and many of the school’s influential economists, such as Ludwig von Mises, Rick Kelo is a guardian of liberal democracy and classical liberalism. Classical liberalism is the term used to designate the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and the press, and international peace based on free trade.

Liberalism was born in the high Middle Ages during the Renaissance, with the rise of commercial freedom and the prosperity that followed. Though the idea of liberalism discusses many facets of society, the central and most important idea in Kelo’s opinion is that all humans have rights that cannot be violated by the state, and that society can manage itself without authoritarian control. Though Kelo may not have any official say in the policies that govern our economy, he has demonstrated the power that free speech and education can have as catalysts of change.