The benefits and necessity of social security tax is one that has been challenged and criticized since its conception in 1935. For many without an economic background, it may seem that social security has its natural benefits- being able to provide for those who have paid into the system when they reach an age where they are no longer able to work. However, when put in the greater context of the national economy, and put under the lens of an economics expert, the reality is much more different. Richard Arthur Kelo, the outspoken classical liberal economist, is one such critic of the aging policy.

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You can see him sharing some of his thoughts here on Rick Kelo – Understanding the Complexities of the Economy Video on Vimeo. On top of his profession as an executive tax recruiter, Rick Kelo also runs and maintains an insightful blog and website. On it are posts of articles written by him analyzing, discussing and scrutinizing aspects off politics, economics and society. Rick Kelo has long maintained the economic school of thought as developed by his heroes such as Ludwig von Mises. For these liberal economists, the imposition of high state taxes only have a negative impact on a nation’s economy in the long run, and benefit few people. As quoted on one of his recent articles posts ”As Social Security turns 80 years old have you ever stopped to wonder whether you are better or worse off for having government confiscate 12.4% of your wages? A couple economists at the Federal Reserve asked themselves that question, and found that only four-one-hundredths of one percent (0.04%) of Americans would be better off under Social Security than funding their own private retirement. 99.96% were made worse off.”

It is strange that such an important study remains so unknown to the wider electorate. For Richard Arthur Kelo, it is the duty of himself and other educated individuals to help highlight pertinent information such as this better inform the wider public. In doing so, they can help oil the machinery of liberal democracies, and hold governments accountable for actions that don’t serve the interest of the general population.

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The greatest success the internet has been able to implement on our societies is the liberation of academic knowledge, information and education. Never before have humans had such access to what is seemingly an infinite  amount of information. Using the internet in the right way, we can find answers of suggestions about how to find answers to nearly every question we can think of. Not only has it liberated those wanting to learn new things. It has also given the chance to academics, thinkers and educated people to help support the internet community by contributing their wisdom and experience. Bringing more intelligent people’s ideas together has made the internet into a representation of the modern human mind.

rick keloOne example of a man who has used the internet for this very purpose is tax recruiter and economic thinker Rick Kelo. On Quora, an academic questions forum, Rick Kelo has been able to use his knowledge of historical and contemporary economics to help serve the community on their and untangle some of the economic complexities many have trouble comprehending. Quora is a wonderful example of how the internet has liberated information and the human mind online. On the website, people ask questions that require more complex answers. These can range from history, philosophy and economics, to journalism, literature and film.

Within the huge community formed on Quora of educated intellectuals like Rick Kelo, the hope is that there will be people qualified academically to answer these questions for the community, but in a way that makes it understandable. The Quora forum pulls some of the best minds in the world together, and helps create an education platform like no other.

For people like Rick Kelo – A Leader on Level, these websites offer the perfect chance for thinkers like him, with full time jobs, to contribute to a community and give something back to the people. By being able to help people understand what is a increasingly complex topic area such as economics, Rick Kelo hopes he and others like him can help educate the people into being able to make informed and better decisions in all aspects of life and politics. In the age of the internet, with so much information around, we can be thankful to these people for supplying strong coherent answers to our most burning questions.

rick keloWe live in the age of the internet. One day in the distant future, this time will be looked back upon by scholars the age determined by the advent of the internet. In the context of history, the internet is still relatively new to our lives, and we are still exploring the possibilities it holds to change the way we interact with the world around us. Even in this short space of time we have already began to see the effect it has had in acting as a tool to incite revolutions and warn of infringements of civil liberties. In the eyes of many, it is the most democratizing force ever to have swept the Western world, giving a voice to the people and liberating our opinions from the shackles of oppressive regimes.

Richard Arthur Kelo has built a reputable online presence with his insightful economic articles, and is a testament to the power the internet has to liberate our voices. He is a prolific writer, thinker and liberal economist whose websites and articles discuss, analyze and consider contemporary politics, economics and society. The internet s the greatest tool we have been given to allow others to offer their opinion, not just journalists, academics and scholars, but anyone with insight. Now, with the power of the internet, anyone educated enough can have their say and contribute to the discussion and criticism of modern society and politics. Click here to find out more About Rick Kelo. Richard Arthur Kelo, being a highly educated individual has been able to use his digital platform to help circulate his well articulated thoughts on the running of the American and global economy. The role of people like Rick Kelo is to help proliferate the important ideas of classical liberal economics, which they recognize as contributing to the course of human progress. In many ways, what Rick Kelo and others like his are doing can be seen as some kind of social service- exercising vigilance against governments infringing on our civil liberties. By acting as a voice and a critic of many aspects of the modern establishment, Rick Kelo hopes that he can fuel people’s imaginations to the possibility a future economic model based on the Austrian and Monetarist traditions can hold for a country’s citizens. Rick Kelo’s blogs and articles are an excellent example of how we as citizens, have the right and duty to use this platform to contribute to the greatest debates of our time, and have their say in shaping the future of our nations. Check out his pages and website here Rick Kelo on MSNBC.

Rick KeloThe internet has provided the people with more opportunity than ever to gain access to information about nearly anything we can imagine. Websites serving the purpose of just about any information sharing/seeking services you could imagine circulate the web, and in some ways give us almost too much choice as where to source our answers from. Since the conception of the internet, Yahoo answers has proven to be a wildly popular forum for people seeking quick and concise answers to just about any question imaginable. It has produced a body of content from the wildly funny to the profoundly serious, and has allowed anyone to engage with it by answering questions and helping those who need it. Based on a similar notion to Yahoo answers, the academic questions forum was established not so long ago. Quora, like Yahoo Answers is a question and answer forum. However the questions of Quora are expected to be, or hoped t be answer by academics, intellectuals and thinkers with qualifications in the areas being discussed.

Rick Kelo is one such contributor who has proudly used his knowledge of economics and finance to answer some of the most challenging recent questions posted on the questions and answers engine. Richard Arthur Kelo was educated at WestPoint Military Academy, and later received his MBA from Chicago University in Economics and Finance. He currently works as an executive tax recruiter at the firm TaxScout. But in his spare time, rick is an avid contributor to the world of economic thought. He runs an insightful block discussing the history of economic ideas and their relevance to economics, politics and society today. Rick Kelo belongs to the Austrian and Monetarist schools of thought, with his personal economic heroes being Benjamin Franklin, Ludwig von Mises and John Locke. He is a classic liberal economist- with the ideologies themes running through the heart of his articles.

Rick Kelo’s contributions to Quora then are hugely invaluable, and demonstrate his knowledge of various economic structures. He has responded to questions on the distinction between the ends of the political spectrum, debates about the minimum wage and various other global economics conundrums. You can find out more about Rick Kelo and his ideas here Rick Kelo – Chicago, IL, Houston, Atlanta, Tax Recruiter.

Rick KeloOne of the greatest political debates of our time is over what extent the government should play in determining our economic and social freedoms. Since civil society began it has been at the forefront of intellectual debate, and continues today to be one of the most pressing issues . People’s political opinions today can roughly be divided into two camps, depending on the amount of governmental control they believe is necessary for a functioning society. There is probably no greater embodiment of a governmental policy that captures this idea than taxation. Debating the level of taxation has been a prevalent issue among academics, politicians, students and citizens for thousands of years- yet we have still not come too much closer to resolving a universal opinion.  As tax systems evolve and become more complex, businesses and individuals are increasingly reliant on experts to help guide them through the labyrinth created by modern governments.

Rick Kelo is a prolific online presence and has been one such thinker who has tackled the issue on his insightful article posts on his website. An Economics bachelor from the prestigious West Point Academy, along with an MBA from the University of Chicago, cultivated his economic philosophy stance from the same schools of thought that inspired one of his heroes Benjamin Franklin. Rick Kelo’s online presence is ever growing, finding himself a regular contributor to the academic questions forums, as well as writing compelling articles discussing economic, political and social theory. He is a classical liberal thinker, and has always been wary over the extension of a governments’ power over its people.

It is probably no surprise to hear then that following this line of thought, Rick Kelo has worked in the tax industry for the past five years. He is the executive recruiter at Tax Scout, Inc, which helps people to better understand their tax situations whilst bringing the brightest minds to the industry through recruitment services. Many discussions on his blogs and articles he has written cover his opposition to the large taxes citizens find being imposed on themselves. Rick Kelo hopes that more educated people like himself can continue to use the internet as a platform to proliferate online debate on pertinent issues such as taxation, and help inform, advise and educate the wider public on these complex matter. Find out more about Rick Kelo – Newsvine.

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One of the eternal discussions which divides the right and left wings of politics is as to how big a government should be and what control it should have over its people. Since the idea of democracy was conceived over 2000 years ago, it has remained at the heart of civilizations’ debates. How large a government should be, and which power it should exercise on the liberties of its people continues to be the most hotly debated issue that in some way defines all policy. Taxation is in many ways the perfect example of how this debate takes its form in the everyday lives of people and businesses. Despite having been a question debated for thousands of years, there has still been no definitive conclusion as to what should be taxed, how much and what for.

Tax systems are constantly evolving, and in the process are becoming more complex. Few people who work  outside of the industry can claim to have a complete oversight as to exactly how the tax system works, and it can be one of the most demoralizing issues for citizens to face.

The classical and liberal economic thinker Rick Kelo is a good example of a man who looks to fight the injustices over over imposing governmental control in Western governments. Click here to find out Rick Kelo.

 An Economics bachelor from the prestigious West Point Academy, coupled with an MBA from the University of Chicago, Mr. Kelo has gained the skills to be able to use his website to express his opinions. He uses the ideas of his philosophical heroes Ludwig von Mises, John Locke and Benjamin Franklin and shows how their ideas remain as relevant today as they ever had.

Rick Kelo has built up a reputable online presence, finding himself a regular contributor to the academic questions forums, as well as running an insightful personal website discussing economic, political and social theory. Mr. Kelo is in many ways the modern liberal, and is suspicious  and skeptical over the extension of a governments’ power.

It is probably no surprise to hear then, based on his economic and political beliefs, that Rick Kelo works in the tax industry. He runs the successful tax advisory services Tax Scout, Inc. which helps people to better understand their tax situations whilst giving financial advice to businesses and individuals. The arguments that governments over tax the population and corporations is a running theme through Rick Kelo’s insightful articles. Using the internet to proliferate these ideas, Rick Kelo hopes he can share some his education, experience and knowledge to better inform the public abut the injustices the current government taxation system has on the hard working citizens of America. Click here to find out more on Rick Kelo – Chicago, IL, Houston, Atlanta, Tax Recruiter.