The debate about the economic future of America and indeed the Western world is one of the most highly contested in our modern age. More people than ever are entering the debate, as the pillars that once formed a solid capitalist society are slowly crumbling. People’s faith in the system is starting to erode, as government policies look increasingly likely to appease a more left of center crowd, with damaging economic policies that put countries in real danger of economic collapse. The call for a more libertarian and classical approach to economics is getting ever louder, and the internet has provided the perfect platform for political thinkers such as Rick Kelo to exercise their democratic rights and become a key voice in these debates.

Rick Kelo received his MBA from Chicago University in economics aRichard Arthur Kelond finance, and has never lost his interest in understanding and analyzing the academic arguments that form the basis of contemporary economical thought. Today he continues to be a prolific student and writer of all things economics, and regularly contributes to the debate with his compelling and interesting articles. Rick Kelo’s ideas stem from a long line of classical liberal thinkers such as Ludwig von Mises and Benjamin Franklin, and is the ideas devised be these great men that he hopes to translate into a modern context. A running theme through this school of thought is the idea that government should limit their power and influence on economic restrictions for enterprise, and in theory create a society whose economy thrives on a free-market basis.

For thinkers like Rick Kelo these ideas are more relevant today than they have ever been. As governments increasingly look to exercise (or in some people’s mind, abuse) their power in stifling the economy with policies such as increasing minimum wage and taxes.

A common thread that ties Rick Kelo’s intriguing articles together is the warning of shift towards a more socialist society could have on the future of our economies. Rick Kelo shows he has a solid grasp of historical theory and demonstrates this by highlighting the dangers of socialist traditions from the past century. As the greatest debates of our time continue to rage in all spheres of society, people like Rick Kelo might prove decisive voices in determining the future of people’s attitudes towards economic policy. For more visit Rick Kelo – Chicago, IL, Houston, Atlanta, Tax Recruiter.

Rick Kelo

One of the great criticisms of our world leaders and governments today is that they have succeeded in over-complicating the political and economic systems in which we live. By doing so, they have managed to disengage much of the population from serious political debate about issues that may sounds boring and complicated, but in fact can be life changing and have a huge impact on our society. In doing so it seems, that governments have won a war of attrition, where the population are slowly ceding control to the leaders and allowing them to do the decision making for us. For many, this is a dangerous swing towards big governments, and therefore communist and socialist societies. As people become more disengaged, the greater the power grows of the establishment.

However, the internet has allowed a revolutionary and defiant force of academics, educated professionals and thinkers to try and counter such a demoralizing situation. Rick Kelo is one such man whose experience in the world of economics and finance has provided him with the intellectual tools to help combat government hypocrisy. Rick Arthur Kelo is the head of recruiting at TaxScout, and uses his position along with his education to better understand the American monetary system. He has built a reputation as being one of the most articulate voices and critics of government economic policies, and uses his blog to proliferate his classical ideas of liberalism. In the eyes of Rick Kelo, it is the duty of those educated to do so to simplify governments purposefully complicated strategies, to be able to inform the public how they better fit into philosophical frameworks of how society should function. By using his historical knowledge of finance and economics, Rick Kelo likes to show in his articles how governments are infringing the rights of citizens as set out by the American Constitution. In doing so, he hopes the public will be more inspired to engage with difficult political debates and help steer the governmental course from a collision with socialism.

Rick Kelo has built an impressive internet presence, and has also become an important voice on the academics question and answer server, of which he has become a respected member. Rick Kelo’s work is a testament of the power of the internet, and the ability it has to help shape people’s opinions and inform them of the more complex details that our governments expect us not to understand or engage with. To find out more about Rick Kelo check out his pages here Rick Kelo on LinkedIn.