Rick keloSome would say we have too long relied on the whims of the modern media to protect the citizens interests against overreaching and dominating governments. As the tentacles of the establishment seem to stretch into every public institution imaginable, it is no wonder that many have even lost faith in and no longer trust our main media sources. Whilst this is a generalization, and there are still some outstanding and reputable media establishments, it hasn’t stopped many seeking truer and more neutral sources of critical insight and analysis. The rise of the internet has allowed everyone to have a voice, a place in which the population can gain a more diverse range of ideas and opinions. Rick Kelo is a man who has capitalized on this 21st century phenomenon.

Whilst Rick Kelo‘s plies his trade as an established and renowned tax recruiter, it is his online presence which has recently brought him into the limelight. With a prestigious educational background at both West point Academy and the University of Chicago, Rick kelo never really shed his interest in the academic processes of reasoning, questioning and critical thinking. His blogs portray him as a classical liberal thinker, much in the same vain as John Locke, Benjamin Franklin and Ludwig von Mises.

A recent example of one of Rick Kelo’s insightful articles, is the discussion he raised with regards to the minimum wage. In classic liberal tradition, whilst Rick Kelo sees such a government policy as ideologically admirable, economically such an action is unfeasible, and in the long run only causes businesses and therefore the economy to suffer. This, he thinks, is an example of poor governmental policy put into practice, one which stifles the potential of businesses to flourish and provide their services and products to a wide range of people.

It is probably no surprise then in some ways, that Rick Kelo works in the tax industry. Tax, as seen in the liberal economic tradition, is a form of repression in that it takes money from the population and spends it as it pleases. For some, like Rick Kelo, this is an infringement on the rights of the citizen. Companies such as TaxScout, for whom Rick Kelo heads the recruitment department, offer advisory services which help businesses overcome the labyrinth of taxes put in place by the government. Find out more at Rick Kelo on LinkedIn.

Rick keloThe role of the government in people’s lives the and the extent to which it should pervade our liberties and regulate our freedoms is as fascinating as it is complex. It is one of the most pressing discussions of our age, and has been an integral part of political discourse since civilizations began. Today, the modern political spectrum can be divided according to its preference as to much governments should wield and impose their power. There is probably no greater embodiment of a governmental policy that captures this very notion,than taxes. The discussion has been at the forefront of debate among st academics,politicians, students and citizens for thousands of years, and the results of these discussions remain inconclusive. As our tax systems evolve and become more complex we increasingly turn to experts in the fields to guide our opinions and help us practically to be able to deal with what at times can prove to be a bureaucratic nightmare.One such man taking his sword to the over ­complicated and over­imposed political systems in the Western world is Rick Kelo. An Economics bachelor from the prestigious West Point Academy, coupled with an MBA from the University of Chicago, Mr. Kelo is tooled with a comprehensive education in the world of economic thinking, and finds himself in the same school of thought as one of his favorite often quoted economic thinkers Benjamin Franklin.

M. Kelo has built up quite an online presence, finding himself a regular contributor to the academic questions forums Quora.com, as well as running an insightful personal website discussing economic, political and social theory. Mr. Kelo is in many ways the modern liberal, and is suspicious and sceptical over the extension of a governments’ power.In an offshoot of his political and economic beliefs, it seems natural that Rick Kelo would turn to the taxation industry to ply his trade. He runs the successful tax advisory services Tax Scout, Inc, which helps people to better understand their tax situations whilst giving financial advice. Many discussions on his blogs and articles he has written cover his opposition to the large taxes citizens find being imposed on themselves. Through the proliferation of his online material stemming from a line of important economic theory, Mr.Kelo hopes that others will join the drive to reduce the often over­reaching arm placed around us governments.